Fuel Prices in Oman

This dataset covers the fuel prices in the Sultanate of Oman.

Dataset Description

SourceThere is no official online source for obtaining this data. The dataset has been compiled from a variety of Omani news outlets such as Atheer and Al-Roya and the websites for fuel companies such as Oman Oil Marketing.
Time period coveredDecember 2015 to date.
Frequency of updateMonthly.


MonthThe month in the format YYYY-MM.
M-90The price of petrol with the octane rating of 90 in Omani baisa.
M-95The price of petrol with the octane rating of 95 in Omani baisa.
M-91The price of petrol with the octane rating of 91 in Omani baisa.
DieselThe price of diesel in Omani baisa.




In December 2015, fuel was sold in Oman in three types: M-95 petrol (i.e. super), M-90 petrol (i.e. regular), and diesel. In November 2016, the market stopped offering M-90 petrol, and M-91 petrol was offered instead. Accordingly, there are no prices for M-90 petrol from November 2016 onwards, and the prices for M-91 petrol start from that same month.