International Agreements

Oman has signed a significant number of international agreements with countries and international organisations on a variety of matters ranging from taxation and investment, to human rights and the environment. This dataset provides a list of the international agreements that Oman has ratified by royal decree from the year 1974 onwards. The dataset includes the title of the agreement, details of the ratification royal decree, the date of signature, the classification, the counter-party, and the subject.

Dataset Description

SourceThis dataset is based on the open data published on, and later independently updated from the data published on
Time period covered1974 to 2022.
Frequency of updateYearly


CodeSerial code to identify the treaty.
Title – ARThe title of the treaty in Arabic.
Title – ENThe title of the treaty in English.
Royal Decree NoThe royal decree number in the format of YYYY-NNNN where YYYY is the year in a four-digit format and NNNN is the sequence number in a four-digit format.
Royal Decree DateThe date on which the royal decree was issued in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
Signing DateThe date on which the treaty was signed in the format YYYY-MM-DD. This usually is only available for bilateral treaties.
ClassificationThe classification of a treaty as bilateral, closed multilateral, or open multilateral. Bilateral treaties are signed between two states. Closed multilateral treaties are treaties signed by more than two states and open only to a select group of states. Open multilateral treaties are treaties that are open for any state to join.
Counter-partyThe counter-party to a treaty. This applies only to bilateral treaties.
SubjectThe subject of a treaty. This applies only to bilateral treaties.