This dataset covers the key COVID-19 corona virus data, such as cases, recoveries, deaths, and hospitalisation, as published by the official Omani government COVID-19 Twitter account.

Dataset Description

SourceOmanvsCOVID19 Twitter account.
Time period covered15 March 2021 to 19 May 2022.
Frequency of updateNo updates. The government stopped publishing this data after 19 May 2022.


DateThe date on which the COVID-19 data was reported in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
New CasesThe number of newly confirmed individuals infected with COVID-19.
New Cases -OmaniThe number of newly confirmed individuals of Omani nationality infected with COVID-19.
New Cases – non-OmaniThe number of newly confirmed individuals of non-Omani nationality infected with COVID-19.
Total Reported CasesThe number of confirmed COVID-19 cases since reporting started.
New TestsThe total number of new COVID-19 tests that have been carried out.
Total TestsThe total number of COVID-19 tests since the reporting of tests started.
New DeathsThe total number of newly confirmed COVID-19 deaths.
Total DeathsThe total number of COVID-19 deaths since reporting started.
New RecoveriesThe number of newly recovered individuals infected with COVID-19.
Total RecoveriesThe total number of total recoveries of individuals infected with COVID-19 since reporting started.
New AdmissionsThe number of COVID-19 patients newly admitted to a hospital within the last 24 hours.
Current AdmissionThe total number of COVID-19 patients currently in admission at a hospital.
Current ICU AdmissionThe number of COVID-19 patients admitted in an intensive care unit at a hospital.
SourceA link to the tweet publishing the data for the relevant date.

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